Ideas for a Romantic Birthday Celebration for My Husband

I always struggled with Ideas for a Romantic Birthday Celebration for my Husband

Now that we’ve had a few birthdays together, I thought I should share some of them with you, so that you too can have a great birthday celebration together!

The Gift...

Men love useful gifts.   It may not seem like an idea for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband, but I always buy him things that he can use.

This could be anything from a new tie to socks and jocks, a gift voucher for business stationery or a new diary or planner.

Remember that you don’t need to be giving a romantic gift for the sentiment to be romantic, and you can always add a bit of love and affection to the gift in the way you give it!

Think about the sorts of things your husband buys on a regular basis, and you’ll have a great start to an idea for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband.

If he is in need of a new briefcase or luggage for business travel, buy him that and fill it full of the things he actually needs.

I’m talking things like...

  • Nice aftershave
  • Razor blades
  • Cologne
  • A gorgeous pen
  • A silk tie
  • Good quality briefs
  • Warm travel socks
  • A new coffee thermostat

He’ll really appreciate receiving gifts that he can use every day, and each time he uses them he’ll be reminded of you and the effort you put in to find out what he needs!

Ideas For A Romantic BirthdayCelebration For My Husband

That’s when it becomes an idea for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband.

If he seems to have everything he needs, or you would like to be a bit more creative with his gift, think about an experience he’d like to have.

Maybe he’s always wanted to go skydiving, or for a drive around the track in his favourite race car.

There are plenty of web sites around with some excellent package deals that will give you great ideas for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband.

Especially if he’s celebrating a milestone birthday (30, 40, 50, etc.) the big day is the perfect time for him to really enjoy something he’s never done before – maybe you could interest him in cleaning the house!

Did I say that?

The Giving...

Once you’ve decided what your gift is going to be, plan an idea for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband for the gift giving.

A romantic dinner is the easiest way to go, but think about the sort of person your husband is before you plan it.

If he worries about money, an elaborate, expensive dinner might not be as enjoyable as a simple picnic with sandwiches and inexpensive wine.

If he likes being out on the town, you might like to forego the dinner altogether and enjoy cocktails at the FUNKIEST new wine bar.

Think about the presentation of your gift.   How can you incorporate your ideas for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband in its look or in the way you give it to him?

Don’t just hand it over after dinner.

Maybe have the waiters bring it out with a birthday cake.   If you have chosen theater tickets as the gift, perhaps have them waiting in the plush interior of the limousine you’ve hired to take you to the venue.

Don’t be afraid to really be a bit different, mysterious and cunning in the way you share the gift you’ve chosen.

The sky is the limit when it comes to making your husbands birthday really romantic.

Even if he’s not usually a romantic kind of a guy, you can make his birthday exactly what he wants it to be with a few simple ideas for a romantic birthday celebration for my husband.

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